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Top of the Key Challenge

You can access "The Challenge" through the website and/or on your phone or tablet by using the Top of the Key app.  (Which can be downloaded for free in the IPhone and Google play stores).  

Top of the Key Challenge is especially designed to support players, coaches and parents who participate in church and recreational basketball leagues around the country and abroad.   It is a great resource that's easy to navigate and find specifically what you need step by step for your team. It's perfect for experienced coaches, as well as, the parents who just came to drop the kids off and somehow ended up with a team.  

For Players:

- It is ideal if you're wanting to improve your individual skills with a coach, trainer, parent or on your own. 

- All the challenge drills are gamified so that even if you start out at the Rookie level, you can work your way up through the other levels:  Varsity, All-American, Pro, all the way to the 5th and highest MVP level on each drill!

- Over 100 Individual Skills and Drills specifically broken down by 3 grade Divisions: (click on links below).

PreK -2nd grade ,  * 3rd-5th grade,  * and MS/HS.

For Coaches

– All of your practices laid out for the season, step by step with video support, and challenges for your players. Practices are specific for grade level Divisions: (click on links below).

* PreK-2nd grade,  *3rd-5th grade, and  *MS/HS.

- There is also an easy formula if you prefer to develop your own practice plans complete with support resources:       Coaches Practice Grid

- 5 min Devotionals that apply practical basketball scenarios to your everyday spiritual life.

- Lessons for Mental Conditioning and Character Development

- Lessons to develop Basketball I.Q.

For Parents:

- Lots of Fun Games and drills that you can use to teach and play with your children at home.

- Encourage and motivate your children to practice at home between practices.  All the drills are explained in short videos and gamified with 5 target goals, Rookie to MVP, to reach. They are divided by grade divisions: (click on links below).

PreK -2nd grade ,  * 3rd-5th grade,  * and MS/HS.

- There are also academic lessons available that use basketball to present and learn STEAM concepts. Those lessons are broken down into 3 grade divisions: (click on links below).

*PreK-2nd grade,  *3rd-5th grade and  *MS/HS.

So basically we have everything right here for you in one place.  Take advantage of 30+ years of commitment to teaching young people and coaches.  Everyone now has 24/7 access to excel, teach, enjoy and respect the game of basketball!



The Premium Challenge contains a more complete library of what's available in the Challenge.  In the premium section you will have addtional content that will get you through the entire season and the off season as well.  It is an annual subscription that you can cancel at anytime.  The cost is only $55 for the entire year (12 months).   

So for the price of one private lesson or one day at camp, you will  have access to all the content in the coaches section and all three levels: PreK-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade and MS/HS.  Don't delay.  Sign up now to get started.

Click here to connect to Premium Content

Click here to connect to Premium Content.