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Challenge Parents

For Parents

Drills and Skills:

- Encourage and motivate your children to practice at home between practices.  All the drills are explained in short videos and gamified with 5 target goals, Rookie to MVP, to reach.   So now instead of just saying, "You need to practice more!", you can say, "Look on your phone and pull up Drill #101 on Dribbling.  Try to get to at least the All-American level".

- The drills are divided by grade divisions: (click on links below).

PreK -2nd grade ,  * 3rd-5th grade,  * and MS/HS.

 Fun Games:

- There are lots of Fun Games and drills that you can use to teach and play with your children at home.

Steam Lessons:

- There are also academic lessons available that use basketball to present and learn STEAM concepts. Those lessons are broken down into 3 grade divisions: (click on links below).

*PreK-2nd grade,  *3rd-5th grade and  *MS/HS.


So basically we have everything right here for you in one place.  Take advantage of 30+ years of commitment to teaching young people and coaches.  Everyone now has 24/7 access to excel, teach, enjoy and respect the game of basketball!