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This is the basic section of Top of the Key Challenge.

In this area you will get:

1. A sample of some individual practice drills that you can practice on your own -12 drills. 

These drills will get you started in the areas of Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Defense, SAQ and Strength.  It does not matter what level you start. Your "Challenge" is to move from being a "Rookie" level up 5 levels to "MVP" status on each drill.  Hopefully your parents and coaches will have some good incentives for you and your team along the way.

2. Your first 2 practices. 

You will see in advance which drills and lead-up games will be covered in the first two practices.  It will also include some HW for you to practice and review for the next practice session.  One day a week of practice is never enough if you really want to improve.  So now you have the formula to be as good as you want.

3. Two sample STEAM lessons.

For those of you who like to learn academic concepts and the game of basketball at the same time.


 If you would like to view all of the drills, all of the prepared practices,  all of the STEAM lessons,  and additional content you can subscribe to the "Premium Challenge" section.


The Premium Challenge contains a more complete library of what's available in the Challenge.  In the premium section you will have addtional content that will get you through the entire season and the off season as well.  It is an annual subscription that you can cancel at anytime.  The cost is only $55 for the entire year (12 months).   

So for the price of one private lesson or one day at camp, you will  have access to all the content in the coaches section and all three levels: PreK-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade and MS/HS.  Don't delay.  Sign up now to get started.

Click here to connect to Premium Content

Click here to connect to Premium Content.