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Shooting Courts

Top of the Key Shooting Courts

To be a great shooter, you have to put in the time to practice and get up a lot of shots.   How many shots do you think Steph Curry takes every single day? Don't you wish there was a private place you could go with a parent,  a friend, or even by yourself and just get in 300-500 shots uninterrupted whenever you want?  Now there is!

Top of the Key introduces our new private shooting courts with the latest 12k Shoot-Away Gun machine on the market.  This shooting machine is the most commonly used product by all the men and women college and professional players. 

The features are amazing and can be personalized to each individual:

1.  You can create your own login to keep a detailed track of your workouts - past, present and future.

2. You can get instant feedback on your shooting percentage per location on the court in real time on a large display screen.

3. You can create your own workouts or tap into over 200 pre-programmed workouts from top college coaches and training professionals in the country.

4. It even has a bluetooth feature so you can hear your favorite playlist while you workout.

5. Each 30 minute session in a private court costs only $25.  (No more than 3 players allowed in the court per session).

Sounds to good to be true, right?  Oh it's true, believe it!  You can sign up for your session by selecting your day and time on the calendar below.  Parents you can observe the sessions from the upstairs lobby.

See you on the court!

Check out pictures of the actual Private Court

(20' X 35')


Use this link to set up private time on the shooting machine:      BOOK SHOOTING COURTS

Current Schedule is set up in increments of 30 minutes.   

Monday - Friday 5pm-9pm

Saturdays & Sundays - 12pm-9pm

You must pay at scheduling to secure your time slot.  Up to 3 people are allowed in the shooting rooms at one time.

Watch the 7 minute video below in advance to learn how to operate the shooting machine.  You can also create your own log-in in advance to keep track of your shooting stats (The log-in is recommended, but optional).

In the videos below: 

- Learn more about the 12k Shoot-Away Gun, its features and how to set up your account.  

- Hear from some of the pros, college players and coaches.

- Check out some workouts.

12k Gun Features

How to Use the Gun Effectively!

This video on the right will show you how to create your own account and how to use the Shoot-Away Gun most effectively.  It is highly recommended to review this entire 7 minute video so that you can plan your workout in advance.  There are so many options to choose from, we do not want you to waste precious practice time when you arrive trying to decide on drills and  figuring things out.

A MUST SEE on how to use the Gun

Tracking Multi-Players

Multi Player Pass/Shoot Drill

Advice from WNBA Star

D-1 Player Coached by TOTK Coach Keenan at Utah State

One on One Drill

Behind the Back Pull-up Shot

90 Shots in 4 Minutes